PluriLog addresses to SMEs or organizations which are in involved in strategy development, reorganization or other important change phases with potential of conflict.

Ideally, I support the decision-making process from the beginning, by using a special method, the integration of the background recognition phase. This not only allows to take decisions in accordance with your goals, it leads mainly to a broad base of acceptance of the decisions taken. This increases the efficiency of their implementation and thus more your productivity.

The background recognition phase is the core phase of the “mediation“, a service which I also offer to help you settle a conflict permanently.

The benefits: Increased employee motivation and enlarged efficiency and productivity.

Preventive (decision)

  • Establishment or revision of corporate strategies
  • Reorganization
  • Contract negotiations
  • Succession planning in the SME area
  • Contract assessment for capital goods
  • Organization and processes in the health care field
  • Process improvements of the authorities in dealing with the citizens
  • etc.

Reactive (mediation)

  • conflict mediation within companies and organizations
  • conflict mediation between businesses and organizations
  • conflict mediation works contract
  • etc.